Care at Home

Purple Balm provides experienced support, care and nursing staff to assist people in their own homes. Our services are tailored to your needs.

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We understand the need to care for people with dignity.

Quality of Service

Purple Balm prides itself on the quality of the service it provides and the high standards that are expected of that service.

We maintain our standards in a number of ways:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Quality Management
  • External Inspections

Policies and Procedures

Every aspect of running and managing Purple Balm is set out in a comprehensive set of specific policy documents. These documents ensure that we meet the statutory requirements for running a home care and agency service and cover all aspects of staffing, managing and caring for users of our services in all locations and the preservation of health and safety standards.

All our policies are regularly reviewed to ensure they are kept up to date and in line with the latest legislation and regulations. The policies and procedures are designed to be user friendly and reflect the services we undertake. All are policies are held at our head office and as a service user these are available to you.

Quality Management

We define quality as delivering a service of care and support appropriate to each of our Service User's needs. All of our policies and work practices are audited at least annually to ensure we maintain the standards we have set. Any non-conforming areas are corrected and reviewed for any other action we may need to take to ensure problems are resolved and not repeated in the future.


We value the views and opinions of all the service users to whom we provide care and support, so we welcome comments and opinions at any time.

More formally we believe that only by asking our service users about our services can we obtain the information we need to continually improve the services we offer. Therefore as part of our commitment to quality we send out assessment forms on our staff to be completed after their first visit and then, if they attend regularly, we send out these forms every six months to ensure our staff are still working to the highest standards. These forms include questions about the staff and the services provided. On receipt these forms are reviewed by the management team and any issues dealt with immediately. As part of our commitment to quality we also carry out an annual audit of all feedback.

External Inspections

In addition to our own self assessments, we also receive regular inspections from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are operating to the highest standards. The Care Quality Commission also asks opinions of our service users and staff as part of their review process. Copies of the latest inspection report are available online at or from our office.